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Desktop Semi-sealed Laser Marking Machine
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Desktop Semi-sealed Laser Marking Machine

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LASER MARKING MACHINEThe fiber laser marking machine is a marking equipment that uses a fiber laser to strike a laser beam on the surface of a variety of different materials, and use light energy to cause physical or chemical changes in the surface material, thereby engraving permanent marks such as patterns, trademarks, and texts.

Components of  desktop semi-sealed laser marking machine

include: fiber laser, galvanometer, field lens, display screen, control switch, power supply, lifting shaft, etc. The laser light source is provided by the fiber laser, which is expanded by the fiber and imported into the scanning galvanometer, through marking The combined control of the software, the scanning galvanometer and the laser can mark permanent characters or patterns on the workpiece.

HANTENCNC’s desktop semi-sealed laser marking machine. 

From its appearance, you can see that it is equipped with a semi-sealed cover on the basis of the desktop laser marking machine. Moreover, its focusing method realizes a new focusing automation, just by pressing a button, the machine can automatically find the focus, which is convenient, time-saving and fast. The function of the semi-sealed cover is similar to that of the mini-sealed laser marking machine. It avoids irritation of the eyes by strong light during marking and pollution of the environment by the powder produced by the marking, which has a good protective effect. The console area can be used to put a laptop, connect to a marking machine, and control software. If you don't have a laptop, we can also assemble a display screen and a computer host for your convenience.



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