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Do You Know Handheld Detachable Laser Marking Machine?
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Do You Know Handheld Detachable Laser Marking Machine?

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Handheld detachable Laser part is small portable and flexible to move by hand, which widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging industrial. HANTENCNC option 20w 30w 50w handheld laser marking machine.

The hand-held detachable fiber laser marking machine is small and convenient. It can be used as an ordinary laser marking machine or a hand-held laser head for operation. The hand-held detachable laser marking machine can perform laser marking on large mechanical parts in any direction. Which solves the existing problem of laser marking of large parts.

Handheld Detachable Laser Marking Machine Features:

1)HANTENCNC Handheld Detachable Fiber Laser Marker, portable, flexible, and environmentally friendly;

2)The portable laser engraver is humanized design, easy to install and operate, with 2 years warranty;

3)Long lifetime. More than 100000 hours of life for the laser source;

4)High electro-optic conversation efficiency, no need for maintenance, no need for consumption materials;

5)Low consumption. About 0.5kw for the whole machine, suitable all kinds of metal materials marking.

Handheld detachable laser marking machine accessories description

1) Light path part

The focus can be adjusted by rotating, and the operation is simple.


2) Portable design

The integrated sealing structure is more effective to isolate dust and other pollution. The removable hand-held marking design makes the work more convenient and flexible.


Application industry

Suitable for large objects or products that are not easy to move.

 Applications: electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, auto parts, hardware tool products, precision equipment, gifts, jewelry, medical equipment and other high-end products precision and fine logo printing.

Typical applications such as plastic (PA66) thermal insulation strip laser flying marking, metal sign automatic loading and unloading laser marking, packaging box body online laser marking machine, etc.



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