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Do you know UV laser marking machine?
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Do you know UV laser marking machine?

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uv laser machine

With the rapid development of laser technology, the application of laser marking machines has become more and more extensive. Due to various needs, laser marking machines have produced fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines, and ultraviolet laser marking machines.

As the new favorite of laser marking machine, the price of UV laser marking machine is relatively more expensive. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so what is the "superiority" of the UV laser marking machine?

1. Application advantages of UV laser marking machine

Traditional all-in-one machine: Traditional models can be applied to most applications on the market, and basically traditional models can be completed.

Low-power air-cooled narrow pulse width: metal sheet marking, narrow pulse width marking, no back marks and deep lines.

The glass back cover of the mobile phone, the ink absorption rate of low power and narrow pulse width is better, and there will be no back printing on the ink layer. In addition, low-power machines use air-cooled and coiled comparative advantages in cooling methods, which are more convenient for installation and use.

High power and narrow pulse width: In FPC cover film cutting, the cutting efficiency is fast, and the black edges are less after cutting; glass cutting, ceramic punching cutting, high frequency cutting, fast cutting efficiency, no burr and edge chipping; agate whitening, high frequency marking It should not be broken, and the effect can be kept even on the curved surface.

2. Comparison between UV laser marking machine and optical fiber

The main difference between UV and optical fibers is that optical fibers have a lot of heat during processing, and some materials are sensitive to heat, so the processing effect with optical fibers is not very good.

The processing method of ultraviolet light is a kind of cold processing, which mainly destroys the chemical bonds inside the material, and has better results in the processing of some plastic materials.

It is worth noting that UV cold working can also generate heat, but it is much smaller than that of optical fibers, and because some infrared is mixed with UV, excessive thermal cracking can occur during long-term processing (especially ceramic glass types).



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