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Easy-to-operate handheld laser welding machine
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Easy-to-operate handheld laser welding machine

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  In the traditional welding equipment, the combination of rich welding experience and technology is basically required to meet the daily production. However, the speed is slow, and the welding appearance needs subsequent polishing treatment, which is time-consuming and laborious. Can handheld laser welding machine improve the disadvantages of traditional welding machine? The answer is of course. Here are some advantages of the handheld laser welding machine.

Advantages of Laser Welding Machines:

1. Simple operation, no professional welding technology experience is required, and the operation can be started after 2 hours of simple training.

2. The welding speed is super fast. One handheld laser welding machine can basically replace the output of 3 to 5 ordinary welding machines.

3. Welding can achieve basically no consumables and save costs in production.

4. After the welding is completed, the welding seam is bright and white, and basically no grinding treatment is required.

5. The laser welding machine has concentrated energy, small thermal reflection range, and the product is not easy to deform.

6. The energy of the laser welding machine is concentrated and the welding strength is very high.

7. The energy and power of the laser welding machine are digitally controlled, which can meet various welding requirements, such as full penetration, penetration, spot welding and so on.

  To sum up, the laser welding machine can completely replace the traditional welding equipment. Handheld laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, beautiful and bright white weld, etc

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