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Electrical Shell Laser Marking Machine
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Electrical Shell Laser Marking Machine

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Electrical enclosures are generally divided into metal enclosures and plastic enclosures according to their materials. For example, plastics for TV enclosures have undergone the development process from ABS to HIPS and modified PP. The quality of the electrical enclosure not only reflects the protection and decoration performance of the product, but also an important factor that constitutes the value of the product. Today we will introduce the laser marking machine for electrical enclosures.

Electrical appliances will heat up after a long time, so it is necessary to dissipate heat in time to ensure the normal operation of the electrical appliances. Most electrical appliances have high requirements for heat dissipation. Due to the limitation of the size of the electrical appliances, even if a special cooling device is designed, it is difficult to meet the occasions of high power and small volume. , If the heat dissipation holes are arranged on the electrical shell, the internal structure will be exposed, and it is easy to enter the dust and water. Therefore, some manufacturers have developed electrical enclosures with good sealing, waterproof and heat dissipation.

Electrical enclosures can be divided into three categories according to design standards: contact type, embedded type and special steel type. There will be a label on the electrical enclosure with the LOGO, model and other marks on it.

In the early days, the text information was printed by printing, and the later was manually processed and pasted. This process greatly reduces the production efficiency, and the information will be blurred and easy to tear after a long time.

Furthermore, the text information printed by ink is not environmentally friendly and has certain hazards. In order to avoid many disadvantages of the traditional method, the traditional marking method is gradually replaced by the laser marking machine, which improves the efficiency and is more environmentally friendly.

Laser marking breaks through the standardization and singleness of traditional ink jet coding technology, creates a new marking method, highlights product features and brand differences, and enhances the competitiveness of products in the increasingly fierce market. At the same time, it provides a powerful tool for shortening the product upgrade cycle and flexible production.

We recommend using our UV laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser is suitable for processing a wider range of materials; not only the beam quality is good, the focusing spot is smaller, and ultra-fine marking can be achieved; the scope of application is wider;

The heat affected area is extremely small, no thermal effect will occur, and there will be no material scorching problem;

The marking speed is fast and the efficiency is high;

The whole machine has the advantages of stable performance, small size and low power consumption.

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