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Features and Applications of UV Laser Marking Machine
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Features and Applications of UV Laser Marking Machine

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uv-laserFor the understanding of ultraviolet laser marking machine, we not only understand the performance and composition of ultraviolet laser marking machine, but also understand the application of ultraviolet laser marking machine. As a difficult problem that buyers want to know, what we understand is ultraviolet What aspects of the laser marking machine can be used, what can be marked, its characteristics and so on.

As a cold laser technology, UV laser marking machine is widely used in non-metallic materials. Due to its high precision, it is selected by many products. Co2 laser marking machine is also said to be a non-metal laser marking machine, while UV laser marking There is no overlap between what can be marked with functions and what can be marked by co2. UV laser marking machines are widely used in plastic and plastic products, as well as glass, ceramics and other products.

 UV laser marking machine is suitable for most plastics. Products can be marked with plastic UV laser marking machines. Plastics are currently widely used and cover many industries. As a result, UV has entered all walks of life. Pipelines and wires, electronic products, etc. have this wide application.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine is ultraviolet light, and does not need to touch the consumable type marking through the principle of light. It has been selected and used by medical equipment products, and has also entered the tableware manufacturing factory, adding all kinds of pictures and texts to the tableware.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a wavelength of 355nm and is a high-precision laser marking machine. It plays a major role in marking fpc flexible circuit boards, electronic components, various chips, and high-end electronic products. It is called the first marking equipment for electronic products.

     Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to cold laser technology. It is highly difficult and easy to melt. Marking products cannot do without ultraviolet laser marking machine. Special plastic, film, and uv products are inseparable from ultraviolet laser marking machine marking. HANTEN CNC laser marking machine, to meet your needs!



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