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Features of Metal Tube RF Lasers
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Features of Metal Tube RF Lasers

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mini co2

1. At present, there are three companies in production and scale: Rofin in Germany, coherent in the United States and synrad in the world as the world's leading provider of enclosed metal co2 lasers today.

2. RF co2 laser is a revolution in laser design and production, small in size and powerful in function. It adopts switching power supply DC power supply, without dangerous high voltage.

3. The metal seal is completely maintenance-free, and the laser gas can work continuously for more than 20,000 hours. It is a durable and highly reliable industrial laser source. It can be easily installed on a workbench or small processing machine, and has stronger processing capacity than traditional gas flow lasers. After changing the gas, it can be reused for at least 20,000 hours, and the overall life is more than 60,000 hours.

4. The laser spot mode quality is good, the peak power is high, the pulse rising edge time is short, and the pulse modulated frequency is high. The laser performance is very important for material processing. It can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of material processing. To the output of the fundamental mode, after beam expansion and focusing, a very small light spot can be obtained, which can be better utilized in processing.

5. The laser is very stable, and the laser energy is consistent for a long time to ensure precise processing. If every laser equipment manufacturer seals the laser light path like Han's Laser, then the output mirror at the front of the RF laser will be It will never be damaged, so the laser can work in a poor environment without worrying about it going wrong. However, this type of laser is relatively expensive.



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