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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Project

  • We recommend using a fiber laser marking machine above 30W to cut jewelry. Too low power will cause the cutting time to be too long and the product will be deformed by heat. The marking machine generally cuts brass and aluminum, and the maximum cutting thickness is 1.5mm. The thickness of cutting st

  • Laser marking is fast and efficient, and has been used in various industries in the manufacturing industry. The following will introduce the product principle of laser marking machine and understand the knowledge behind laser marking. The laser marking machine is controlled by a computer. The markin

  • In order to highlight the brand awareness, many suppliers will engrave the brand logo on the mobile phone case. Although the logo seems to be small, the processing requirements are very high, and the traditional processing methods are difficult to meet the processing requirements, so fiber laser mar

  • Metal laser marking machine, also known as fiber laser marking machine, is one of the more advanced equipment in the field of laser marking at present. The high-power laser of 1064nm of the fiber laser is directly introduced into the processing surface. Ten microns or less, this near-diffraction-lim

  • Color laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source can mark black, white, grey and color on stainless steels. It also can make color marking on Iphone, Macbook, electronic parts and keyboard.

  • Button is the basic element in product detail design. Good button design can enrich product innovation design. Laser marking machine engraves button keys, which brings different colors to products. Laser marking gives buttons indelible marks mark.

  • Laser manufacturing technology is known as "universal processing tool" and "universal processing method for future manufacturing systems", which drives the development of advanced manufacturing and has a profound impact on the process of industrial intelligence.

  • Sealed Fiber Laser Marking MachineSealed structure design, improve safety factor, electric lifting column, one key to complete column lifting and focusing, optional image positioning module to realize automatic positioning and marking, equipped with precision two-dimensional worktable, more accurate

  • The laser marking machine can engrave creative and exquisite patterns or words, which can be displayed permanently, greatly improving the grade and added value of gifts. Because the marking adopts advanced laser technology, there is no need for the drill to touch the gift, and there will be any dama

  • Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival and Girls' Festival, originated in China and is a traditional festival in the Chinese region and East Asian countries. The festival comes from the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl and is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. T

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