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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Deep Engraving
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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Deep Engraving

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The Advantages of HanTen Laser Marking Machine

In molds, signs, hardware accessories, advertising boards, car license plates and other products, traditional corrosion processes will not only cause environmental pollution, but also have low efficiency. The application of traditional crafts such as machining for deep engraving, the metal waste and coolant produced will also cause environmental pollution. Although the efficiency is improved, the accuracy is not high, and sharp corners cannot be engraved. Compared with the traditional method of deep metal carving, Hanteng Laser's fiber laser deep metal carving has the advantages of pollution-free, high precision, flexible carving content, and can meet the complex carving process.

The traditional corrosion process has serious environmental pollution, and requires plate making every time, and the content is long and has very poor variability; The traditional steel seal or CNC engraving depth has serious waste of metal waste, and there are certain wearable materials, and the processing accuracy is not high

Why Choose HanTen Laser?

Hanteng Laser chooses a first-line brand fiber laser as the driving source. It has superior beam quality, fine spot characteristics, more stable power output, and can provide higher single pulse energy, effectively improve the efficiency of laser output, and engrave metal faster. High repeat positioning accuracy not only improves efficiency, but also improves the fineness of deep metal carving and the variability of content.

Hanteng Laser's deep metal engraving laser marking machine can repeat engraving on metal materials such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, so as to obtain the required depth, and the engraving effect is fine and beautiful, will not fall off, and has strong variability.Different deep-engraving renderings can be customized for customers at any time. Of course, Hanteng Laser's deep metal engraving laser marking machine also has a complete set of solutions for the cutting process of metal sheets.



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