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Gold Silver Laser Welding Machine Mini Desktop for Jewelry Weld
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Gold Silver Laser Welding Machine Mini Desktop for Jewelry Weld

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Introduce for Laser Welding Machine

HANTEN CNC desktop laser welding machine is designed with small table, mainly for ring ,earring bracelet ,necklace ,tie bar cuff-link welding. It is widely used in gold and silver jewellery shop. You can put it on the table and not take up so much space. It is a best choice for gold and silver jewellery shop, home use.

HANTENCNC this model laser soldering machine is specially designed for the jewellery industrial. Jewelry welding machine is a special equipment for welding gold and silver jewelry for repairing holes, sand holes and spot welding. Spot welding technology in laser welding is widely used. In the laser welding process, the surface of the workpiece is heated, and then transferred to the inside of the material and diffused. Then, the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse are controlled by operation to melt the workpiece and form a specific molten pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully used in the processing of gold and silver jewelry and the welding of micro and small parts.


Laser Welding Machine Features:

1. The parameters are adjustable (such as energy, pulse width, frequency, spot diameter), which can realize welding with different requirements;

2. Use automatic shading device to protect the eyes of the operator during work;

3. Working continuously for 24 hours, the performance of the whole machine is stable;

4. The laser beam can achieve splitting in time and energy, and can process multiple beams at the same time, and the welding speed is significantly improved, allowing users to complete processing orders with high efficiency and high quality in a short time;

5. Laser welding is seamless welding without external force;

6. The energy is highly concentrated during the welding process, no consumables are needed during welding, and the toughness after welding is at least equivalent to the parent material.

Technology Parameter:

Model Number 


Laser Wavelength


Spotlight Cavity Reflector

Metal Cavity

Max. Laser Power


Pulse Width


Laser Frequency


Laser energy


Adjusting scope of light spot


Rated Power


Power Supply

220V 50HZ


3,000,000 times



Mainly used in optical communication devices, electronic components, batteries, medical machinery, precision parts of watches and clocks, optical fiber coupling devices, glasses, IT products, digital communication products, precision parts, hardware metal parts and other types of electronic products. High-efficiency laser spot welding, sealing welding, overlap welding, etc.

The scope of application includes: jewelry, accessories, golf heads and aluminum alloy dentures, etc. It is especially suitable for repairing holes, spot welding sand holes, repairing seams and inlaid parts of the claw feet of gold and silver jewelry.


Our service:

pre-sale service:

At the moment of contract signing, our company provides customers with laser technology solutions, technical consultation, sample samples, equipment selection and other related services.

Training Services:

 The user can arrange for operators to go to the factory for training. The main training content is as follows:

 ⊙Using training of operating software;

⊙Machine and equipment operating procedures training;

⊙Training on the actual parameter selection range;

⊙Basic cleaning treatment and maintenance of equipment;

⊙Handling of common hardware failures;

⊙Problems that should be paid attention to in operation.

 After-sales service:

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (calculated from the date of equipment acceptance), lifetime maintenance, free software upgrades, and provides users with relevant technical support for the products produced.



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