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Han Ten's Newly Developed Small 3D Crystal Laser Internal Engraving Machine
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Han Ten's Newly Developed Small 3D Crystal Laser Internal Engraving Machine

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3D Crystal Laser Inner Engraving

Product Description

The 3D crystal laser inner engraving adopts imported laser equipment and independently designs the control system to fully consider the special needs of users in different application directions. The software and hardware operation efficiency is high, the engraving effect is fine, the equipment is stable, and the maintenance is low. It is especially suitable for man-made crystals. 3D laser engraving of transparent hard materials such as glass, acrylic, etc., has been widely used in 3D and 2D crystal photo engraving, personalized crystal engraving gift customization, high-precision crystal products batch processing, glass decoration and other business fields.

The Main Function

Carve flat or three-dimensional patterns in transparent materials such as crystal and glass. It can engrave personalized gifts and souvenirs such as 2D/3D portraits, hand and footprints of names, trophies, etc. It can also mass-produce 2D/3D models of animals, plants, buildings, cars, ships, airplanes, etc. and 3D scene displays.


1. Small size: adopts integrated design, small size and light weight

2. Simple operation: The software has a friendly interface, simple and easy to learn; integrated automatic centering function, convenient for the operator to place the crystal

3. Strong adaptability: In response to the mobile requirements of the machine, the core components are equipped with a shockproof system, which effectively prevents accidental impacts from causing damage to the core components of the machine during the transportation and use of the equipment.

4. Fast engraving speed: using galvanometer laser high-speed scanning working mode, the speed can reach up to 300,000 dots/min, saving engraving time

5. High stability and fine engraving effect: adopting the world's advanced air-cooled semiconductor end-pumped solid-state laser technology, the beam quality is good, the stability is high, and the engraving effect is fine. Can work stably for a long time

6. Support multiple data formats: The equipped Carvesoft software can support data in multiple formats such as dxf, obj, bmp, jpg, etc., with good compatibility



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