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HanTenCNC New Air-cooled Handheld Laser Welding Machine
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HanTenCNC New Air-cooled Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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  Since 2019, handheld laser welding equipment has ushered in a development boom, and almost all integrated equipment companies are involved in this product. However, according to market feedback, long-term use at work will cause arm fatigue, manual operation will cause welding defects, welding of complex workpieces and hand-held welding cannot achieve air cooling but water cooling, and safety issues are not taken seriously. From a certain point of view, hand-held laser welding equipment is like holding a laser gun. It is extremely dangerous for non-professionals to operate. Although many devices on the market are in the development of consideration, there are active and passive safety design, but the user must standardize the use, to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body.

  Today I will introduce to you a 1000W 1500W air-cooled handheld laser welding machine newly designed by HanTenCNC. It adopts the latest generation fiber laser to fill the gap of handheld welding in the laser equipment industry. The portable handheld has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding seam and welding speed. The advantages of fast and no consumables. Compared with traditional welding methods, it has an unparalleled speed advantage, and in some scenarios, the efficiency can be increased by nearly 10 times; the welding seam is beautiful without deformation, and the one-time pass rate of the workpiece is improved; only a small amount of solder splashes, Fewer subsequent grinding and polishing processes; improve pass rate, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce workpiece costs.

Application range of hand-held laser welding machine

1. Laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tank

4. Laser sealing and welding of kitchen, bathroom and wash basin hardware;

2. All kinds of hardware lamp laser welding

3. Laser welding of door and window frames;

5. Laser welding of billboards and advertising words

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