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HanTenCNC hand-held laser cleaner machine
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HanTenCNC hand-held laser cleaner machine

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  Body: Simple operation and easy to use, mobile operation, no need for other chemical reagents, and can be surface cleaning, cleaning speed, high cleanliness, high precision machine advantages. From the aspect of environmental protection, there is no chemical pollution and environmental pollution brought by other machines, and the degree of safety is high. It can do not damage the surface of the substrate and solve the headaches of other traditional cleaning methods. And can be widely used in irregular paint removal, rust removal, decontamination and other large equipment or precision parts.

  Handheld head: The design of the device is flexible, and its internal structure is completely sealed, which can avoid some contamination of the laser source. Modeling is light and simple to operate, using the design of body engineering, feel comfortable, one hand can easily grasp, take care of the operator's experience of cleaning work for a long time; The protective lens adopts drawer design, which makes it easier to change the mirror. And the efficiency of laser rust removal is higher than that of traditional cleaning.

Advantages of laser cleaning machine:

  The overall advantage of laser cleaning is to achieve no contact in a real sense, more accurate, good cleaning effect, can selectively remove dirt, realize semi-automatic operation. For example, in the aspect of selective removal of paint layer, laser cleaning can accurately remove the layer to the micron level, and the surface quality after removal reaches the highest level, the object surface hardness, its original roughness, and hydrophilic and hydrophobicity can be preserved to the maximum extent. And with the world's more and more strict control of carbon emissions, the current situation of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more urgent, green environmental protection, pollution-free, energy-efficient laser cleaning machine gradually form a greater impact on the traditional way of cleaning products.

  Believe that in the near future, laser cleaning machine will replace the traditional cleaning products, become the leader in the field of industrial cleaning!



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