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Have You ever Understood the Installation Problem of the Laser Marking Machine?
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Have You ever Understood the Installation Problem of the Laser Marking Machine?

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Laser Marking machine

Laser marking machines can be used in many places, but there are also some working environments where laser marking machines cannot be used. Please pay attention when installing them.

Next, let's take a look at the installation matters of the laser marking machine with me.

Since the laser marking machine is a precision instrument, please avoid installing the following workplaces and environments:

1. An environment with a temperature between zero and + 50 degrees Celsius (no icing and condensation);

2. Storage humidity exceeds the range of 10% to 90% relative humidity (no condensation or condensation);

3. Places with sudden changes in temperature and condensation, places with direct sunlight, and places with a lot of dust (especially pay attention, because it is easy to appear and lead to continuous decline of enterprise output);

4. There are also places with shock or severe vibration, places near walls with poor ventilation, unstable places and inclined places, in places such as water, oil, steam, chemicals, corrosive gases, flammable gases, iron powder, dust, etc. Static electricity, magnetism, noise, etc. may be generated nearby, and it may be contaminated with foreign objects such as metal and wood chips.

Installation settings: temperature and humidity are as per standard requirements, temperature 15 ° c-28 ° c, humidity 20% ~ 80%, because the laser output changes with temperature, it must be used in the same temperature and environment (such as 23 ° c ± 2 ° c) ;

installation method:

1. Please install the device in a stable or vibration-free place;

2. The surrounding environment of the laser head unit and the controller control unit needs to be properly ventilated;

3. The yellow fiber optic cable contains very thin laser transmission fiber, because it is easy to break, affecting the laser performance, please do not absolutely bend it or reduce it to the smallest r (radius 150mm) or less;

4. When using the IDL-20T exhaust, do not block the exhaust port and leave enough space around the equipment to properly discharge the heat generated by the equipment;

5. If the card printing produces dust during laser marking, an external environment ventilation system should be provided to prevent dust from accumulating around the device.



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