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Help You Find the Focus Quickly.
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Help You Find the Focus Quickly.

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How to find the focus quickly and accurately is one of the basic questions that many buyers consult.Many manufacturers do not consider practical application when providing product descriptions to buyers,which will cause buyers to encounter many problems in actual use.

When you find and mark the red light and find that your product cannot be marked, you should first consider whether the focus is incorrect. 

Here are some key quick methods:

1.It is necessary for me to introduce to you the metal flakes we prepared specially for buyers.Thin black metal plates can play an important role.

metal flakes

It can effectively absorb laser light and due to its slimness,it will not change the focal position after finding the focal point. Adjusting focus is very useful.

First adjust the power, speed and frequency to a smaller position, and then put the metal flakes on the product. Turn on the red light to determine the range,select continuous marking, then start marking and adjust the height of the lifting column to find the focus during continuous marking.

When there are dazzling lights, the energy is strongest, the sound is clearest, and you can find the focus position.

Therefore,when you cannot mark the product after receiving the machine.

Please do not think that the machine is damaged.Each of our machines will be installed and debugged for you before leaving the factory to ensure that they can be shipped after normal use.

2.When we do the factory test, we will measure the focal length for you. When using the product, the height of the lifting column can be adjusted to a suitable position by measuring.

This method is not very accurate and needs to be adjusted according to different products.

3.We can install external red lights according to customer needs.Red light assisted focus uses the method of overlapping two red light points to adjust the focus.

Adjust the lens distance by manually shaking the adjustment lever.One of the red dots changes with the lens distance until the position overlapping with the other red dot becomes the positive focus.

lens distance



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