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High-efficiency laser cleaning machine
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High-efficiency laser cleaning machine

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Principle of laser cleaning:

  The generator of the continuous laser rust remover is a fiber continuous laser generator. The working principle of the continuous laser generator is to electrically convert light and heat energy to generate thermal light waves. The heat energy can make the metal surface dirt expand instantly and then fall off, thereby achieving rust removal ,As a result, the instantaneous high temperature and spot heat waves of the CW laser generator will cause slight damage and thermal excitation to the metal surface.

  The continuous laser cleaning and descaling machine can remove rust and oil stains on the general conventional metal surface. If the surface is coated with too thick anti-rust paint and very thick sludge, it is not suitable to use the rust remover. Physical grinding is required.

  The continuous laser cleaning machine has high efficiency in the process of rust removal, large cleaning width, and power of 1000W, 1500W and 2000W. It can be customized according to your own needs. Welcome to come to consult.



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