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How Did the Flying Laser Marking Machine Appear?
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How Did the Flying Laser Marking Machine Appear?

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flying laser marking machine

In the current industrial production, in order to optimize the production efficiency of the products, most of the processing is carried out in a streamlined operation, and the previous laser marking machine can only mark stationary objects, which affects the laser marking machine’s industrial production In the application. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, current laser manufacturers have also launched research in this area and launched flying laser marking machines. Different from the traditional laser marking machine that can only mark stationary objects, the current flying laser marking machine can mark the product when the product is in motion, which realizes the synchronous operation of the product and the marking process. Optimize the production efficiency, so that the laser marking machine can adapt to the requirements of current industrial production. At present, the application of flying laser marking machine in the industrial field is not limited to the marking of product packaging, outer body production date and batch number. At present, with the gradual maturity of flying laser marking technology, flying laser marking machine It has been used in food and beverages in our daily life, as well as in the electronics industry and industrialized and heavy industrial products: auto parts, craft products and clothing accessories and many other fields. At present, the flying laser marking machine is gradually abandoning the original single-field development model, and is gradually moving in the direction of many aspects and all fields. The excellent performance advantages are also increasingly highlighting the application value of the flying laser marking machine.


Because the previous laser marking equipment can only perform marking in a static form, it can only operate individually. This makes laser marking can only engrave text on a single flat surface, which affects the processing efficiency of the laser marking equipment. Can't meet the needs of current processing well. The flying laser marking machine is based on the principle of movement. It uses vector marking to move the cursor in the unidirectional axis direction to engrave the movement of the spray-printed object. This simplifies the process of the processing procedure. Processing has brought production benefits, and the flow of people, time, and energy have also been reduced, reducing the production cost of the enterprise. With the development of current technology, the application and technology of flying laser marking machine will be optimized day by day, and its marking effect and quality will gradually be improved. It is believed that in the future, the field that flying laser marking machine can adapt to will also be broadened. 



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