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How Long is the General Service Life of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?
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How Long is the General Service Life of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine (4)As an application equipment, the fiber laser marking machine will have a certain amount of wear and tear in the whole process of work. With the longer use time, the professional ability will also decrease to a certain level. So how long is the service life of a fiber laser marking machine? This question firmly believes that many customers who want to buy laser marking machines and who have already applied laser marking machines will want to know

Today, HanTen Laser will analyze it with everyone:

As a key component of the fiber laser marking machine, the advantages and disadvantages of the laser generator immediately endanger the working efficiency of all laser cutting plotters. The general data and information of the laser generator service life laboratory is 100,000 hours. It can be used for 11 years if you work 24 hours a day. Clearing the laser attenuation coefficient makes it impossible to laser mark on the product workpiece. According to the standard of 40% laser output, it can be used for six years.

It is the basic theoretical data information of the laboratory, which will be different from the specific working environment and application level. According to the information displayed by Hanteng Laser's customer data, most fiber laser marking machines have been used by customers on the spot for five years. , is working fine at this stage.

Cultivate good practical operation habits and carry out repair and maintenance of equipment on time, which can increase the service life of fiber laser marking machine at a certain level

The following summarizes the specific maintenance practices of a series of optical fiber marking machines.

1. When the equipment is not working, the laser cutting plotter and the computer power should be disconnected.

2. When the equipment is not working, cover the field lens lens to prevent the dust environment from contaminating the optical laser lens.

3. When the equipment is working, the power supply circuit is in a high voltage condition. Lay workers should not repair it when it is started to prevent safety accidents.

4. If the equipment has any common faults, the switching power supply should be disconnected immediately.

5. Long-term application of machinery and equipment, the dust in the air will be absorbed on the surface layer under the condenser, which will reduce the output power of the laser generator and endanger the actual effect of laser marking; burst. When the actual effect of laser marking is not good, you should carefully check whether the surface of the condenser is polluted by the environment.



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