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How Should Customers Do a Good Job of Laser Marking Machine Operation?
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How Should Customers Do a Good Job of Laser Marking Machine Operation?

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laser markerFiber laser marking machine uses laser technology and computer technology to process. It is an automatic equipment, and its processing has advantages that traditional processing methods can't match. However, when the customer uses the laser marking machine, he should pay attention to the correct operation of the laser marking machine and pay attention to its precautions to ensure the normal processing and meet the customer's processing needs.

The precautions for the operation of the fiber laser marking machine are mainly divided into the following points:

1. The daily maintenance of fiber laser marking machine is an indispensable work in processing. The components of the laser marking machine are constantly working, and long-term work will cause them to wear out. For example, when the laser marking machine is working, it should be noted that it cannot touch or collide with the beam of the workbench. This is all customers. Matters needing attention in the process of operating the laser marking machine.

2. Fiber laser marking machine uses laser technology for marking, and its processing product effect will not fade due to environmental factors, but its processing environment still needs attention. The environment, temperature and humidity of the processing site should meet the standards to ensure that the site is clean and tidy. The work surface should also be kept tidy to ensure that the processing materials are not contaminated and the back of the hand is reduced.

3. The maintenance of the entire fiber laser marking machine is also particularly important. Before processing, the entire laser marking machine must be inspected, and the cooling system, optical path system and lens system of the machine must be systematically maintained. Ensure the normal operation of each system and ensure the processing effect.

The fiber laser marking machine fully satisfies the needs of industrialized continuous operation, with fast marking speed, good effect and high efficiency. The original imported fiber laser, high-speed galvanometer scanning system is selected, the output power is stable, the optical form is good, and the beam quality is excellent. Beautiful appearance and simple operation. HanTen laser products are deeply trusted by customers. The equipment is sold to many countries and regions around the world, providing customers with support for use, service and training. Choose fiber laser marking machine, choose HanTen laser.



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