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How about an air-cooled handheld laser welder?
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How about an air-cooled handheld laser welder?

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Air-cooled portable laser welding machine

  Early hand-held laser welding machines used water cooling for heat dissipation. Although this method is complicated in structure, it is easy to maintain. The water-cooled laser welding machine is the first handheld laser welding machine, which has realized the transformation from scratch. However, in the process of use, the market gradually found that the water-cooled hand-held laser welding machine has deficiencies in portability and functional ductility. At the same time, the characteristics of anti-freezing in winter and anti-condensing in summer also increase the difficulty of equipment maintenance.

Why is it air-cooled? Who has mastered the air cooling?

With the increasingly complex market demands, some manufacturers have begun to consider using air-cooled solutions as hand-held laser welding machines.

  At present, the mainstream air-cooled welding laser brands on the market include IPG, GW, and RECI. The cooling methods of these three lasers are all air-cooled and the power is 1500W, but the principles are different. IPG's LightWELD 1500 handheld laser welding system adopts a heat pipe radiator cooling solution, the A1500W intelligent air-cooled handheld welding machine launched by Guanghui Laser adopts a compressor cooling solution, and the FCA series air-cooled continuous fiber laser developed by Thermal Laser is used. . It is a fan forced convection cooling method.

Air-cooled laser welding is the future market trend

  Many domestic manufacturers are committed to the research and improvement of air-cooled lasers. RAYCUS and MAX, as old-fashioned laser manufacturers, are both increasing their research and development efforts, and there is no exclusive interview for new products yet. As a latecomer to the market, GW has the hope to achieve corner overtaking on the 976nm laser welding laser.

In the future, a handheld air-cooled laser machine with the advantages of energy saving and portability and compatible with the three functions of "cleaning + cutting + welding" is expected to be born in the air-cooled 976 laser ecology. The establishment of this new ecology of the laser industry will surely gather more laser industry chain enterprises, and will also bring new growth space for the increasingly competitive laser application market. Together, they will make the laser industry bigger and stronger, and light up China's hard-core technology powerhouse.



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