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How about the Laser Cutting Machine, Just Look at These and You Will Know
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How about the Laser Cutting Machine, Just Look at These and You Will Know

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Traditional processing methods in the sheet metal workshop include technological processes such as plate shearing, punching and bending. Among them, the blanking process requires a large number of molds, and has the characteristics of less cutting and no cutting process. When a product is processed, dozens of molds are usually equipped, and some products may even require hundreds of molds. From an economic point of view, with a large number of molds, the cost of the product will increase correspondingly, resulting in a waste of funds. In order to adapt to modern sheet metal processing, reduce production costs and improve processing technology, laser processing technology came into being.

Laser cutting technology uses non-contact processing and automatic typesetting functions, which can minimize processing deformation and reduce material waste; and the processing accuracy is high, the cut is free of cracks, and smooth, generally without post-processing, and the quality of processed products is better. In addition, laser cutting processing can also produce patterns and shapes that cannot be completed by traditional methods. Therefore, laser cutting has gradually become the mainstream processing method for sheet metal cutting.

In order to meet the market demand of the sheet metal industry, Han Ten Laser has integrated the common specifications and common formats of a variety of plates to create a metal-specific laser cutting machine that supports cutting requirements of up to 30mm or higher and achieves high-quality processing. The most special point of the special laser cutting machine for sheet metal is that it can process different products according to customer needs. As long as there is a drawing, it can be controlled by the computer to make a good sample immediately, which greatly improves the production flexibility of the enterprise. In addition, there are few laser processing consumables, and the use process is environmentally safe and safe, which can help companies save costs and improve production efficiency.

The laser cutting machine developed by Han Ten Laser has undoubtedly injected new life into the sheet metal industry.



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