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How does Woodworking Engraving Machine Improve Work Efficiency?
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How does Woodworking Engraving Machine Improve Work Efficiency?

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1. Since woodworking engraving machines are often equipped with multifunctional pliers or chucks, and they are made of iron, it is easy to cause damage to the engraved object or make it slip off during the engraving process, so choose some rubber caps or rubber tubes It is helpful to fix the object to be carved.


2. If the downward pressure on the object to be engraved is large, consider whether you must use a tapered nose. If the diamond head of the engraving machine moves too much during the engraving process, the pressure on the side of the tool will cause the object to be engraved. Mobile. If an incorrect diamond knife is used, it can also cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will dig into the material, causing the material to move during the engraving process.


3. For those carved objects with irregular shapes, they seem to be tightly fixed on the surface, and they will shake back and forth when subjected to downward pressure. At this time, you can try to put some waste under the object to increase friction. The other is to keep the packaging that comes with the item. Although the object is irregularly shaped, the packaging it carries may be very regular and easy to be fixed. Add a small strap to make an irregularly shaped object. Easy to be fixed. Or try tools to fix the regular parts, and discard the irregular parts.


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