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How to Adjust the Focal Length of the Galvanometer Laser Marking Machine?
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How to Adjust the Focal Length of the Galvanometer Laser Marking Machine?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

I believe that many customers have encountered the problem that the galvanometer laser welding machine will not adjust the focal length, and they do not know what kind of laser intensity the galvanometer laser welding machine is welding under the galvanometer. The characteristic is the correct focal length position, generally only I feel that the welding effect is not ideal, and I can't figure out what position the galvanometer should be adjusted to. Let's train and teach the focal length adjustment method of the galvanometer welding machine:

What is a laser marking machine

Anyone who has used optical fiber or YAG galvanometer laser marking machine or contact galvanometer laser marking machine knows that when this equipment is used, it will involve the problem of correct debugging of the focal length plane. Equipment manufacturers will emphasize the importance of the focal length when the equipment is installed, trained and adjusted. The correct focal length is the key factor for the normal performance of the laser marking machine equipment. Many equipment users are confused about how to correctly debug the focal length of laser marking equipment

Today, Hanteng Laser summarizes some conventional laser marking machine focal length debugging methods.

First of all, before understanding the correct debugging method, we are here now to popularize and understand the correct definition of focal length: focal length, also known as focal length, is a measure of the concentration or divergence of light in an optical system, from the center of the lens to the concentration of light the distance of the focal point.

In the marking paint software about one centimeter square or circle, after conventional filling, the laser energy is transferred to the set parameter column, the frequency of use is larger, and then the continuous marking is checked, and a piece of metal laser projection is placed on the surface of the product to place a card obstacle, such as Continuous cursor, shaking the Z-axis motion, until the most powerful metal business card energy laser, the clearest sound, the brightest color, basically the focal length, you can test several times to find the right focal length. This method is suitable for 1064nm wavelength fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, end pump laser marking machine, 355nm laser marking machine, uv 532nm green laser marking machine, etc.



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