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How to Avoid Damaging the Print Head of UV Printer?
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How to Avoid Damaging the Print Head of UV Printer?

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The print head is very important to the UV flatbed printer. The print head is a high-precision part. If it is damaged, there is basically no way to repair it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in normal use. Many problems with the print head are caused by incorrect use and maintenance. 

HANTENCNC will summarize some misunderstandings in daily use, and pay attention to the following things that damage the print head.

1.Do not use inferior ink and cleaning fluid. Ink is a large amount of consumables. Some people are eager to use inferior ink cheaply in order to save costs. They did not choose the ink specified by the manufacturer to cause the nozzle to block and cause irreparable losses. , Each manufacturer's ink composition ratio is different, if there is no special situation, do not easily replace it.

2.Do not clean the head of UV printer frequently and excessively. Some users worry about the head clogging and frequent cleaning of the head. This is a wrong approach. Not to mention the waste of ink. Frequent cleaning will cause certain damage to the head. The frequency of head cleaning is generally recommended. Clean it thoroughly once a month. In addition, you cannot use a high-pressure air gun to clean it vigorously. If there is a problem, you must notify the manufacturer to arrange for professional and technical personnel to disassemble and clean it.

3.The head can be cleaned by immersing the head in the cleaning liquid, but it cannot be soaked for a long time or the whole head is soaked. The head has many electronic components, and the cleaning liquid is corrosive. Just soak the head part of the head. The time is controlled within 1- For 2 hours, the power of the machine must be turned off during cleaning to avoid short circuits.

4.Poor environment, indoor temperature is too high, low or humid, and the poor operating environment of UV flatbed printers has an impact on the service life of machine parts. Although it is slight, it cannot be ignored, especially for fine parts such as print heads. That is to say, only a good production environment must be provided for the machine to run stably for a long time.

So in summary, correct usage and maintenance measures can improve the service life of the print head. Some customers report that the use time of the UV flatbed printer print head has not reached the expected time, but please reflect on whether the machine is used correctly in the production process. If you need to know more You can contact us for multi-nozzle knowledge, and we will provide you with professional answers.



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