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How to Carry Out Personalized UV Printing on Marble?
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How to Carry Out Personalized UV Printing on Marble?

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uv printerAt present, many material providers in the home furnishing industry choose to use UV printers to print on various materials. UV printers have strong printing capabilities and can print all the patterns they want to print on the materials, meeting the diverse needs of home decoration in the current market. A new milestone for personalized decoration. How can I personalize printing on marble?

The steps of UV printer printing marble are actually very simple:

1. Use a dust cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface of the material (some materials need to be coated)

2. Place the processed products on the UV printer platform, and automatically measure the height

3. On the computer, move the processed picture into the sharp print and debug it.

4. Click to start printing

Do you think the steps are easy? Simple is right. With the popularity of the home improvement industry, marble has gradually become the new favorite of many decoration companies. The styles are various and colorful, which perfectly realizes the imageism in people's hearts. I believe that the application of UV printers in the marble industry will definitely become more and more more fire.



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