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How to Choose Fiber or CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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How to Choose Fiber or CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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co2Some customers may ask: Is it better to use fiber laser marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine for my product? More specifically, what is the difference between these two laser marking machines? What materials can they be used for?

The difference between fiber marking machine and CO2 marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine can mark all metals and some non-metals, but there are many non-metals that cannot be marked, including ceramics, wood, leather, cotton and linen fabrics, etc. Marking these materials is a long-term development of CO2 laser marking machine. Of course, there are still many non-metallic materials that need to be tested

Below we explain their different wavelengths from a technical point of view. Fiber lasers produce lasers with a wavelength of 1064nm, and CO2 lasers produce lasers with a wavelength of 10.6μm. Metals and non-metals have different molecular structures and different attraction to light, so different products correspond to different lasers.

If you still have some questions, you can send samples to HantenCNC. We will test samples for you free of charge and recommend a suitable laser marking machine for you.

Two kinds of laser marking machines application in the industry and materials

(1) Fiber laser marking machine: all metals, high hardness alloys, oxides, electroplating, coating, ABS, epoxy resin, ink, engineering plastics, etc. Widely used in plastic translucent buttons, ic chips, digital product components, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring tools, clocks and glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone communication components, automobile and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, Building materials, pipes and other industries;

(2) CO2 laser marking machine: suitable for paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, woolen products, plastics, ceramics, crystals, jade, bamboo and wood products. It is widely used in various consumer goods, food packaging, beverage packaging, architectural ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, textile cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, shell nameplates, denim, furniture and other industries.



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