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How to Choose a Flying Laser Marking Machine
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How to Choose a Flying Laser Marking Machine

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In-flight marking generally refers to online flying laser marking machines, which are mainly used for online coding and marking on the surface of various products or the surface of outer packagings, as opposed to traditional laser marking machines that can only mark stationary objects. The difference is: in the process of coding and marking, the products flow continuously on the production line, thereby optimizing the efficiency of production and adapting the laser machine to the requirements of industrial production.


The choice of flying laser marking machine mainly lies in the marking time in the laser marking process, which is also the main performance of a flying laser marking machine. It is mainly reflected in the flying speed of the galvanometer, and the main factors affecting it are:


1. Various delay parameters of the galvanometer of the laser marking machine;

2. Control the speed of card processing and data transmission;

3. The jump and marking speed of the galvanometer;


In addition, this speed also has a great relationship with the working range, such as the deflection angle of the galvanometer and the working range of the field lens. Therefore, the performance of a marking machine is not only the core device laser, but also the choice of galvanometer and field lens. It is like the original problem of a wooden barrel, and neither of them will work.


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