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How to Choose a Laser Marking Machine
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How to Choose a Laser Marking Machine

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When purchasing a laser marking machine, customers must first figure out the scope of production, processing materials and processing volume of their own company, so as to determine the model, format and quantity of the equipment to be purchased, and make a simple pavement for the later procurement work . When necessary, you can consult the relevant professionals of the laser equipment manufacturer on related technical issues, or ask professionals to perform on-site simulation solutions or provide solutions. At the same time, you can also provide manufacturers with materials for proofing.

With the continuous development of technology, many consumers know that laser marking machines, as the current advanced laser marking equipment, can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of operations. But when choosing a laser marking machine company, most people will worry about a problem. With the expansion of market demand, there are many large and small laser equipment companies. 

How can I choose a laser marking machine that I am satisfied with? What are the skills when choosing? Let's walk into this industry together and introduce you to the laser industry:

1. Material.

We have to consider what material to mark on. According to the different types of lasers, there are many types of laser marking machines such as optical fiber, ultraviolet and CO2. For metal products and non-metal products, users should choose the most suitable type of marking machine.

2. needs.

The product selects the laser marking machine according to the needs of the product to be processed. Laser equipment can be roughly divided into engraving, cutting and marking in different ways of use. Basically, some are dedicated machines, and some have multiple functions, which should be selected according to the main needs.

3. Size

Choose the appropriate machine format according to the size of the product to be processed. For the selection of the size of the laser marking machine, it is not that the larger the machine format, the better. On the one hand, large-format equipment is of course more expensive, on the other hand, some poor-quality machinery and equipment have unstable average laser output at each point of the large-format, resulting in different levels of marking products on the same table, so choose the appropriate The format is correct. To

4. Qualification 

When choosing a laser marking machine, many people tend to focus on the contract and price, thus ignoring some of the company’s qualification issues. It left unnecessary trouble for future work. In the laser industry, there are many kinds of laser marking machine equipment, such as: ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, etc., the points that need attention are also different. When choosing a laser equipment company, whether there are relevant licenses, whether the laser equipment has a qualification certificate, whether the engineer has a qualification certificate, customers must check

5. qualification of the company

The competition in the service laser industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Customers should not only pay attention to the quality of the product and the qualification of the company when choosing, but also know the services provided by the laser marking machine company in detail. For example, can the company provide free professional guidance to ensure that customers can be familiar with various operations as soon as possible, and whether the selected equipment has a full-machine warranty service and other pre-sales and after-sales services.



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