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How to Choose a Laser Welding Machine
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How to Choose a Laser Welding Machine

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Laser Welding MachineA real customer case: Company purchased a welding machine in order to increase the product.Unexpectedly, machine damage frequently. such as the protecting lens was burned out again and again.Those problem seriously affected production schedule. Now I really regret the cheap equipment I bought. 

Thanks to HantenCNC engineers for providing technical support, upgrading equipment, and solving various intractable diseases. The customer sighed: Instead of buying a welding machine that fails within three or two days, it is better to buy a well-equipped one. Although the cost is a bit high, in the long run, timeliness, productivity, quality... you can imagine and know.

Major manufacturers widely believe that the quality of a welding machine lies in the welding technique, but ignores the welding process and quality. Hand-held welding machines are currently emerging products, leading domestic manufacturers to flock. For the sake of sales, many manufacturers lowered their configuration and lowered their prices, causing industrial products to become fast-moving consumer goods. Just to make money in a short period of time, this is often an over-consumption market. HantenCNC adheres to the concept of quality first and maintenance-free welding machines, insists on quality control, and rather sacrifices profit and sales, but also improves quality. We must not violate the management theory of ‘result-oriented, we are born for quality’. ’Customers use it steadily! It is believed that laser welding will be able to completely replace traditional argon arc welding soon! Will help companies enter the industry 4.0 era.



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