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How to Choose a Machine for Ring Marking?
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How to Choose a Machine for Ring Marking?

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Do you know the meaning and symbol of giving rings as gift?

For Lover: It is a promise a lifetime together;

For Friends: Meaning mutual confidence friendship stands for ever;

For elder: It means the respect and love of the younger generation to the elder.

Do you know how to customize a ring? HANTEN CNC will show you how to make a ring.

If you want to make a ring, we recommend you choose the machine with 50mm or 65mm rotary axis. I will introduce a most popular machine in the market. The portable desktop one. If you don’t have a lot of space and want to save shipping costs, we recommend this one. It weighs only 36kg, and the price is very favorable. You can use it at home and in the workplace. It is can be used on the table, and does not take up much space.

Although it is designed small, but its function is no different from other machines. It not only can mark on ring, but also can mark logo,letters,numbers on gold,silver,brass rings and bracelets and other jewelry. HANTEN CNC Machine can also marking on stainless steel,aluminum,plastic bird rings, animal ear tags.

Not all laser marking machine manufacturers can sell you a laser marking machine suitable for gold and silver jewelry cutting. It needs a complete set of production plans, detailed parameters, and system service guidance, so HANTEN CNC can provide you a complete set of solutions, let you learn very quickly.

If you don’t like this machine. Don’t worry! There are many laser marking engraving machine for gold and silver jewelry cutting. There is always a machine suitable for you.

If you have a large space, you can choose a desktop laser marking machine, which is convenient for mobile use in various exhibition halls; if you like small and split, you can choose mini split laser marking machine; we also have a mini enclosed laser marking machine. All these machine can mark and engrave gold and silver jewelry.

You may ask, we want to mark the names of lovers, friends and relatives directly into pendants or rings, can it be achieved? 

We will introduce in the next article.



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