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How to Find the Focus of Laser Marking Machine
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How to Find the Focus of Laser Marking Machine

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Laser Marking FocusUsers who use laser marking machines know that before using the equipment, it will involve debugging the focal length of the laser marking machine. The manufacturer of the equipment will also emphasize the importance of the focal length when installing and debugging the equipment, and adjust the laser marking correctly. The focal length of the camera is a key factor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Hanteng Laser, as a manufacturer of laser marking machines, has summarized the methods for adjusting the focal length of laser marking machines. Let me share with you below.

the Methods for Adjusting the Focal Length of Laser Marking Machines

1. Continuous luminescence test method.

Draw a one-centimeter square or circle on the marking software. After filling, increase the laser energy in the laser setting parameter column, use low frequency, and then click the continuous marking, place a metal business card and other obstacles on the laser projection position on the product surface, continue to emit light to mark, shake the Z axis up and down until the laser is applied On the metal business card, the energy is strong, the sound is crisp, and the colors are bright. It is basically the focal length. After many tests, find the right focal length.

2. The method of measuring focal length.

After the equipment manufacturer informs the focal length data of the current equipment, it can be recorded, and then every time after the product is switched. You can directly use a steel ruler to lean one end against the surface of the product. The scale value refers to a certain reference surface on the field lens, which can be shaken up and down to the scale data. This method is suitable for all laser marking machines, but there is a disadvantage that this method is not practical if the position of the product to be laser engraved is concave or not suitable for inserting a steel ruler.

3. Double red light point value method.

This method requires the device itself to have this hardware configuration when it leaves the factory, add one or two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer or galvanometer, use some principles of a right-angled triangle, and use a fixed right-angle side and two overlapping sides to bevel. find the other right-angle side of the focal plane. You only need to shake up and down until the two red light points coincide to quickly find the focal length. Although this method is convenient and quick, it requires the equipment manufacturer to cooperate with the secondary equipment. In addition, if the adjustment is not good or the middle is misaligned, it is easy to cause misleading and form the wrong focal length.

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