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How to Increase the Depth of Laser Marking Metal Materials?
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How to Increase the Depth of Laser Marking Metal Materials?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Metal

The marking depth of the laser marking machine can be adjusted freely, but there are still many people who have first contact with the laser marking machine are not aware of this, and I even found that they are also asking questions:How to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine?

HANTEN CNC will introduce how to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine?

1. Increase the power of the laser

Increasing the laser power can directly increase the depth of laser marking, but the prerequisite for increasing the power is to ensure that the laser power supply, laser chiller, laser lens, etc. must also be matched. The performance of related accessories must withstand the efficiency after the power is increased, so sometimes It is necessary to temporarily replace the accessories of the machine, but the cost will increase, and the workload or technical requirements will also increase.

2. Optimize the quality of the laser beam

It is necessary to replace the stable laser pump source, laser total mirror and output mirror, especially the internal laser material, crystal, etc., which will help improve the quality of the laser beam and increase the intensity and depth of marking.

3. From the point of view of laser spot processing

The use of high-quality laser sets can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. For example, use a high-quality beam expander to make the beam expand a spot similar to a Gaussian beam. The use of high-quality F-∝ field lens makes the passing laser have a better focus power and a better spot. The energy of the light spot in the effective format is more uniform.

4. Adjust the proper laser focal length

If the above method is not enough to solve the problem, you can try a better and shorter focal length field lens to increase the energy of the beam. When we increase the focal length, we should hear the Z sound when the laser beam hits the surface of the workpiece material. The energy in the focus is yes, and the same is true for the deepening effect.

From the above analysis, are you know how the marking depth of the laser marking machine is adjusted? Of course, when we buy a fiber laser marking machine, we must first understand what kind of workpiece our product is marking, what features and requirements, and have a better long-term plan. For example, the depth of the workpiece is shallower now, but it will be The deep mark is marked, so when we buy, we must purchase with the Z-deep configuration. For the shallow, we can use the existing equipment to set the relevant parameters. But at the beginning, the purchase configuration can only be marked with the shallow mark, then we can only Replacement of hardware and other hardware to improve performance, the cost and time spent are naturally greatly increased.



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