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How to Judge the Welding Effect of Laser Welding Machines?
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How to Judge the Welding Effect of Laser Welding Machines?

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With the current development, laser welding machines are widely used in various industries.There are so many laser welding machines on the market. As customers, buyers are more concerned about welding quality. How to judge the welding effect of laser welding machines?

First, we must be familiar with the welding method of the laser welding machine

Generally, there are two common welding methods of laser welding machine, one is continuous laser welding, and the other is pulse laser welding. Continuous laser welding is mainly used for cutting and welding of large parts (thickness). A weld is formed during the welding process. ; Pulse laser welding is mainly used for welding thin materials and single-point fixed welding.

Second, the selection of the frequency of the laser welding machine

When using a laser welding machine, we will try our best to adjust the frequency parameters according to the customer's requirements for efficiency. Frequency has a great effect when welding efficiency is required, especially for some precision laser welding machines. When the scanning system is added to the galvanometer, the frequency will have a greater effect. How to adjust it to the right Frequency, this will be a technical problem, but the effect of frequency will also be related to other aspects. There must be an overall effect to have a perfect welding effect.

Third, the judgment of the melting phenomenon during the welding process

Whether the melting phenomenon can be generated during the welding process and the strength of the generation depends mainly on the time, power density and peak power of the laser acting on the surface of the material. If the above parameters are controlled, the laser can be used for various welding processes; laser; In welding machine welding, the beam focus position is one of the more critical control process parameters. Under a certain laser power and welding speed, only the focus is within a better position range to obtain a larger penetration depth and a good weld shape.

Fourth, the monitoring of tensile strength

The tensile strength can be monitored, and the problem of the laser welding machine can be judged based on the results of the inspection. If there are problems such as poor welding or false welding of solder joints during processing, it is not necessarily all the problems of the welding machine at this time, maybe the material is not suitable, change the material or change the waveform setting of the laser welding machine to weld again , And then carry out the effect evaluation.

The welding effect of the laser welding machine can be observed from many aspects. As long as we master the above points, I believe that the identification of the welding effect of the laser welding machine will not be difficult. In the process of using the laser welding machine, the quality control method of the laser welding machine also needs to be mastered. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone.



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