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How to Learn the Woodworking Machine?
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How to Learn the Woodworking Machine?

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CNC Cutting MachineFor beginners of woodworking machines, you will definitely be confused about how to use the machine. In order to make you better learn the woodworking machines, the editor will show you how to learn the woodworking machine. 

Let us understand woodworking machine step by step

1. To learn woodworking engraving machine, we must first learn the basic theoretical knowledge. The basic theoretical knowledge is the basis of using woodworking machine. In fact, the principle of woodworking engraving machine is closely related to our use of woodworking engraving machine. Only by mastering the basic knowledge of woodworking engraving machine Better use woodworking engraving machine.

2. To correctly understand the tools of the woodworking engraving machine, and know the characteristics of each tool and the scope of application.

3. To be familiar with what materials can be processed by woodworking machines and the thickness of processed materials

4. The operation of the engraving machine software, the core step of operating the engraving machine, requires careful study. Machine operation. At this stage, actual machine operation will be carried out to complete the entire engraving process of the product. Hanteng CNC will have systematic training and after-sales services, and our after-sales personnel will help you solve machine problems in time

5. Understand the maintenance of woodworking engraving machines. The service life of the machine has a great relationship with usual maintenance. Customers should master the maintenance knowledge of woodworking engraving machines at this stage. 

The specific maintenance aspects are as follows:

1) Voltage problems. Long-term voltage instability will affect the engraving effect and shorten the service life of the inverter and spindle motor. Therefore, for users whose voltage is not very stable, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer.

2) Lubrication problems. Under high pressure work, lubricating oil cannot be ignored. Many hydraulic lubrication users often forget to add lubricating oil or simply press a few times when they are busy. It is recommended that hydraulic users must ensure at least 20 hydraulic refueling at a time to ensure that each track can be filled with oil smoothly.

3) Spindle cooling problem. The woodworking engraving machine works for a long time, which will cause the spindle temperature to be too high. The user must promptly observe whether the spindle's circulating water outlet is blocked or the temperature is too high.

4) Tool selection problem. A good horse is equipped with a good saddle. The choice of tools is particularly important. Long-term use of tools with poor sharpness or eccentricity will have a great impact on the spindle and bearings. Speed up the bearing damage rate.



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