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How to Mark Thermos Cup with Laser Marking Machine
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How to Mark Thermos Cup with Laser Marking Machine

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Where do the words and patterns on the thermos cup come from?

Stainless steel Thermos cup is now almost a must-prepared product for the family. It is not difficult for us to find that there are some words and patterns on the surface of each Thermos cup. How do these words and patterns be printed? In fact, it can be marked with a fiber laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine uses a fiber laser to output laser, which has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, small size and maintenance-free. The laser wavelength is 1064nm and its stability is good. The pulse frequency is high, the engraving lines are even, and the engraving depth ability is strong.

Laser processing is very fast and accurate, graphics can be customized by computer programming, and laser marking is environmentally friendly and healthy, with low consumables, so it has become a popular processing method. Do you want to put your favorite pattern or text on your favorite water cup? Use laser marking machine to mark, so that your water cup has both practicality and high appearance! It has low engraving cost, labor saving, and high engraving efficiency.


Of course, it is impossible to realize the marking of the vacuum flask by using a laser marking machine. Because the thermos cup is a cylinder, not a flat surface, it is necessary to use the rotary axis to assist when marking. So, how should the rotation axis be used?


The method of using the rotating shaft is as follows:

1. Choose suitable jaws. The jaws are mechanical devices used to clamp the workpiece on the machine tool. The jaws are divided into internal clamping jaws and external support jaws.The gear direction to the left is the external support claw, and the gear direction to the right is the internal clamping claw


2. There are 3 card slots on the chuck. The number 123 is written on the chuck, and the number 123 is also written on the claw. Install the claw in the card slot in the order of 123.


3. Adjust the diameter of the jaws, fix the cup, and adjust the software parameters to start marking.



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