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How to Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to Cut Coating Material?
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How to Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to Cut Coating Material?

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Many metal materials require special treatment to maintain their integrity, otherwise scratches are prone to appear in many transfer items. For workpieces with high material requirements, this type of problem is very difficult, so many metal materials will have coatings. 

Metal coating can ensure as little friction damage as possible during the transfer process of raw materials, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. The sales of these products are very important to their own sales, and scratches are not allowed, which has higher requirements for laser cutting machines to cut metals. Can a laser cutting machine cut coated metal?

In fact, fiber laser cutting machine can cut coated metal. Next, we can learn more about the operation process of fiber laser cutting machine cutting coated metal. 

The laser cutting machine must first cut the coated metal plate with the side of the coated film facing upwards, first cut the film, and then cut the metal plate after cutting the coated film. This secondary processing can effectively ensure the quality of the material. How big the laser tube should be depends on the type and thickness of our board.

Then, why don't we put down a layer of film, so that we can not only avoid damage to the material on the workbench, but also complete the cutting in one go? Those who have tried it should come to the conclusion that after debugging the equipment, if the coating is cut once, it is easy to leave residues on the coating during the laser cutting process, which has a great impact on the quality of the finished product.


Although there are certain advantages in speed, the yield is low and the product quality is poor. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the coating before cutting the metal plate.



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