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How to Protect the Welding Head in the Laser Welding Machine?
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How to Protect the Welding Head in the Laser Welding Machine?

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laser welderDo you know where the most important part of the laser welding machine is? It is a laser head that can emit laser light, and many people often ignore the maintenance of the laser head, which greatly reduces the work efficiency of the laser welding machine. How should the laser head be protected in the laser welding machine so as not to cause errors?

The laser head plays a vital role in the welding process of the laser welding machine. It is the main source of welding emission energy. The key to protecting the laser is to maintain the laser head in the laser welding machine, which can be said to be the main core of the entire equipment.

So how should we protect the laser head?

1.we must clean the laser head. The laser head must be cleaned regularly. Do not let some dirt affect the welding quality and effect. If the laser head is not clean, then the laser energy will be affected when the laser is emitted, which will cause the laser Some impurities will be attached during emission, which will make the transmission of light unstable and lower quality, which will affect the transmission of light.

2.we need to check the laser head regularly. Once it is found that there is a problem with the laser head, it must be replaced and repaired in time to avoid affecting production.

In fact, if you want to better protect the laser head from daily use, if you do not pay attention to these possible problems, the laser head often has various problems, and its life span will naturally be reduced.

Therefore, the laser head is the core of the laser welding machine equipment. We must keep the protection of the laser head in mind. It must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and it must be used with care in ordinary times, so as to prolong the service life of the laser. 



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