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How to Test the UV Printer After Replacing the New Nozzle?
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How to Test the UV Printer After Replacing the New Nozzle?

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As an important part of the UV flatbed printer, the nozzle is also an easily broken part. There are many types of sprinklers, the longer life span is only 3 months, and the shorter one is only about 5 months. However, some customers are damaged due to improper operation during use, and need to be replaced with new nozzles. Many customers said that they don’t know how to install and test a new print head.


The following is how to install and test the UV printer correctly.


1. When connecting the cable, do not bring ink, make sure that it is in good contact with the socket, and do not touch the feet, otherwise it will cause the spraying to short-circuit and burn out.


2. When installing the nozzle, cut off the power supply and install it in place. After the installation is complete, gently push the trolley with your hands to move it left and right to check whether the trolley is stable. Don't turn on the power when it is installed. If the head is not in place, it will easily break the front of the trolley.


3. There will be air in the newly installed print head, and it cannot print normally once installed. The ink tube can only discharge ink normally after the air in the head is completely exhausted.


4. The sprinklers are very fragile and should not be bumped, but should be properly protected. Because its surface layer is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer is coated with a crystal oscillator and a small ink tube. It will be dented, deformed, or even cracked when touched, and the nozzle will be finished.


5. When there is no problem with the machine and the circuit, check the drain.

1. The amount of water in the ink cartridge is enough;

2. Clean the wiper blade and the ink suction pump.


Finally, UV flatbed printer nozzles are expensive, so pay more attention to the maintenance of nozzles in daily life. In this way, the life of the nozzle can be prolonged, the quality of the pattern can be improved, and the income can be increased.



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