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How to Use the Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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How to Use the Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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auto focus fiber markerHow to use fiber laser marking machine? This is the concern of all fiber marking machine users. Hanteng Laser is a professional manufacturer of laser marking machines. We have professional technicians. Today, let us teach you how to use laser marking machines. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. 

Steps to use fiber laser machine

1. Cleaning the work platform before starting, paying special attention to check whether the fiber laser marking machine is safely grounded. In order to protect the machine and the personal safety of the operator, we recommend connecting the ground wire when using the machine.


2. Opening the protective cover of the laser galvanometer and filed lens, and turning on the air purification system.


3. The first is to turn on the computer of the laser marking machine, and then turn on the red light, galvanometer, laser switch, in order. Then opening the EZCAD2 software from computer desktop.You need to pay more attention because the opening sequence is very important. The opening sequence must be correct. If the opening sequence is wrong, the function of the laser marking machine will be affected .Too many wrong operations will cause the laser marking equipment to malfunction, and if serious, it will also reduce its working life.


4. Creating a new file or open the file we saved before, then follow the prompts to select the file, open it, and select the file to be marked. Note that the file format saved by the EZCAD2 software is ezd. Fixing the material to be marked directly under the galvanometer and place it. The operate the software click the red light (F1) on the software with the mouse or directly press the F1 button on the keyboard. At this time, the red light of the laser head will be activated, and a red stripe will be emitted on the work piece to be marked. The workbench is adjusted to the front and rear positions to be marked. After adjustment, we can click the red light on the software to turn off the red light. This position is fine.


5.Focus, find the focus, place the focus film at the place to be marked, adjust the height of the laser head by shaking the handle, when the laser beam prints on the focus film the clearest, when the laser is the brightest, the focus is completed. Parameter adjustment includes processing number, speed, power, frequency and filling type.Trying to carve a few times and then choose the effect you are satisfied with.


6.When marking the work piece, we can click the marking button on the software or press F2 on the keyboard. At this time, the marking machine starts marking work.


7.If this marking task is over, we have to exit the marking software EZCAD. Then immediately turn off the laser, galvanometer, red light and computer. Do not make a mistake in this order. Be sure to turn off the total voltage of the marking machine, and then put on the galvanometer protective cover.



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