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How to set the delay of laser marking machine?
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How to set the delay of laser marking machine?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Turn-on delay:

Delay time for the laser to turn on when marking starts. Setting a suitable switch-on delay can remove the "match head" that appears at the beginning of marking, but if the parameter is set too large, it will cause the phenomenon of missing pen at the beginning. It can be a negative value, when the value is negative, the laser will emit light in advance.

2. Light-off delay: 

a delay for a period of time when the laser is turned off at the end of marking. Setting an appropriate light-off delay control parameter analysis can eliminate the non-closing phenomenon when marking is completed, but if the light-off delay problem is set too large, the system will lead to a "match head" at the end of the work. Cannot be negative.

3. End delay: 

the time to wait for the laser to be completely turned off. It takes a while for the laser to respond before it can turn off the laser completely. Setting the appropriate delay parameter is to provide enough response time for the laser to turn off, so that the laser can be completely turned off in the next marking. Appropriate delay parameters can eliminate the "double image" phenomenon, but too much delay will affect the processing speed. Cannot be negative.

4. Corner delay:

 the delay time between segments in the marking process. Setting appropriate corner delay parameters can remove the rounding phenomenon during right-angle marking, but if the corner delay is set too much, the marking time will increase, and important phenomena will occur at the corners. Cannot be negative.



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