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Introduce for the 3D laser marking machine
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Introduce for the 3D laser marking machine

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  In the field of coding and marking, traditional two-dimensional laser marking machines have been widely used in the plane marking of various products, but with the development of the industry, there has been a demand for processing three-dimensional curved surfaces. It is difficult to meet such processing needs, so the 3D laser marking machine came into being. 3D laser marking is a laser surface depression processing method. Compared with traditional 2D laser marking, 3D marking has greatly reduced the surface flatness requirements of the processed object, and the processable effects are more colorful and creative. Processing technology came into being.

The application of 3D laser marking machine

  3D laser marking machines are usually used in laser three-dimensional marking of mobile phone manufacturing, three-dimensional circuits, molds, 3C electronics, auto parts, electronic communications and other industries. Refined curved surface markings provide a solution for today's curved surface machining.

The advantages of 3D laser marking machine

  After using the 3D laser marking machine to mark, for the curved surface with a certain range, the current 3D laser marking can be used to complete it at one time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. In the current processing and manufacturing, in order to meet specific needs, there are many products with irregular shapes, and some products may have irregularities on the surface, which cannot be refined by the traditional 2D marking method. The 3D laser marking can complete the processing. Although the current fiber laser marking machine has been widely used in many fields, the emergence of 3D laser marking machine has effectively filled the shortcomings of laser surface processing and provided a broader stage for current laser applications.

  The 3D laser marking machine can act on various 3D marking modes such as inclined plane, cylinder, cone, spherical surface, and extended surface that cannot be realized by ordinary marking machines. The machine has a long service life, easy maintenance, and fast marking speed, which greatly improves the work efficiency.



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