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Introduce of Luggage Type Laser Cleaning Machine
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Introduce of Luggage Type Laser Cleaning Machine

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LASER CLEANINGHello everyone, pay attention to HantenCNC, so that you will not lose your way in the laser industry. Today, we will launch a new product for everyone, and we name it the luggage type cleaning laser machine. Let's introduce the cleaning laser machine.

What is Luggage type laser cleaning machine?

luggage type cleaning laser machine of HantenCNC.As the name suggests, is a product that looks a lot like a suitcase.But the functions of the two are quite different. The main function of cleaning laser machine is to remove the rust on the metal surface, remove the coating, polish the stainless steel, etc. There are many unexpected applications.

The cleaning laser machine we are going to introduce today adopts a unique design, and the lever adopts a hand held box design, which is more convenient to carry and move; the display adopts a small display with double screen protection and a portable protective film on the surface,more dust-proof and cleaner; the filter air inlet of this machine also adopts a unique portable dust-proof design, with better air intake, dust-proof and dirt-proof, easy to disassemble and repair; the silent wheel adopts a unique widening and miniaturization design , More compact and beautiful, more stable, firmer, and more convenient to move; 4 core and 12 core plugs are used, waterproof, safe and reliable and convenient for automatic docking. The most important thing is that the machine is designed with a key switch to prevent accidental activation by unrelated persons.

The length*width*height of cleaning laser machine of HantenCNC is 408mm*270mm*575mm. Let's take a look at the real shot display effect of the model. In addition, the laser cleaning machine is light, portable, does not occupy space, and is flexible in use. High safety performance, in line with GB 7247.1-2012/IEC60825-1: 2007 safety standard, in line with Per IEC60825-1: 2014 international laser safety level appraisal standard. The HantenCNC cleaning machine adopts a portable smoke and dust auxiliary processing system, an efficient and energy-saving operation mode, and is recognized as the most green and environmentally friendly cleaning method in the world.

That's it for today's introduction. In the next issue, we will introduce several important parts of the laser cleaning machine. Pay attention to HantenCNC and take you to learn more about laser products.



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