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Introduce the Important Parts of the Laser Cleaning Machine
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Introduce the Important Parts of the Laser Cleaning Machine

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Hello everyone, pay attention to HantenCNC, so that you will not lose your way in the laser industry. Many partners will face a dilemma when buying a laser cleaning machine. Why do we say that? Whether in a physical store or on a website, the laser cleaning system you want to buy has a wide range of styles and different shape. And even the price of same appearance of laser cleaning system is very different. There are so many kinds of machines on the market that you don't know how to start and don't know how to choose. 

Today, We will introduce the composition of the laser cleaning system to help you quickly find the right machine when choosing a laser cleaning machine.

For laser products, the laser head must be a very important part. HantenCNC's luggage-type laser cleaning system is not only a comprehensive upgrade of appearance, but also a comprehensive upgrade of technology. This laser cleaning system adopts the fourth-generation,one machine with dual purpose laser head, which can be hand-held or automatically adjusted. This is a two-dimensional laser head. It is fully functional and convenient for everyone to use.

Have you ever seen a laser cleaning system that really realizes  fool-type operation? When you come to HantenCNC, you will see the few fool laser cleaning systems on the market. Using  fool-type software, various parameter graphics are pre-stored. Open the software to select the pre-stored parameters. Six kinds of pre-stored parameter graphs are available for you to choose: straight line/spiral/circular/ rectangular/rectangular filling/circular filling. Easy to get started, simple to operate, simple interface, 12 different modes for fast switching options, convenient for production and debugging. HantenCNC laser cleaning system adopts stable and efficient imported/domestic well-known brand (Raycus/Siemens/Wistron,etc.) accessories and components to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment. Convenient operation, complete and diverse functions.

The laser cleaning system can be used in conjunction with the laser welding machine. Follow HantenCNC,we will explain the laser welding machine in the next issue. Simply put, laser welding machines use lasers to weld metals together. However, the welded part may turn black due to high temperature, which affects the appearance of the product. At this time, the laser cleaning system can fully play its role. Quickly clean up the welds and restore the product to its original state.



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