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Introduction of 2.5D Mini Sealed Laser Marking Machine
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Introduction of 2.5D Mini Sealed Laser Marking Machine

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ENCLOSED Fiber Laser MachineWhat is 2.5D Laser Marking Machine?

The 2.5D laser marking machine, as the name implies, is a new type of marking machine that is different from the standard laser marking machine and the 3D laser marking machine. Mainly designed for users with different needs.

What are the Features of 2.5D Laser Marking Machines?

It uses JCZ EZCAD3 software and electric column. The main features: 1. Automatically find the focus. Before marking, you only need to measure the thickness of the material and then enter the thickness of the material into the software. The Z axis will automatically adjust the focus. 2. Support embossing. EZCAD3 will automatically slice the graphics in STL format, and then mark layer by layer with the electric lifting column, and finally complete the effect of embossing. 3. The price is low. Compared with other 3D galvanometers, the 2.5D system can be completed by ordinary galvanometer + 3D software. Compared with tens of thousands of 3D galvanometers, the price is much cheaper. 4. The marking height difference is large. The 2.5D marking height difference depends on the height of the Z-axis lift. The 3D galvanometer marking height difference is generally 0-80mm, and the 2.5D stroke is larger than the 3D galvanometer.

In summary, the 2.5D marking system is an intermediate between ordinary marking machines and 3D marking machines. It is compatible with functionality and price, making it easy for everyone to choose.



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