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Introduction of Flying Laser Marking Machine
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Introduction of Flying Laser Marking Machine

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flying laser

What is a flying laser marking machine?

Flying laser marking machine, also known as online laser marking machine and online laser marking machine, is a high-tech product developed and designed by Chaomi Laser for online marking of product packaging in various industries. It can be selected according to the different needs of customers. Optical fiber, CO2, UV and other models are combined with an automatic assembly line workbench to meet customer requirements with a flight marking system to achieve streamlined operations and improve production efficiency. Flying coding and marking on the assembly line is fast, with clear and long-lasting writing. It can process most metal and non-metal materials. It can accurately mark the surface of "millimeter-level" size parts. Non-contact processing, convenient operation, pollution-free and high-speed Automatic operation, high marking efficiency.


Principle of flying laser marking machine:

The flying laser marking machine uses the principle of movement, and adopts vector marking to move the cursor in the unidirectional axis direction to mark the movement of objects. The equipment has strong text layout and graphics processing functions, and can automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers, so it can achieve 24-hour discontinuous work. The plug-in intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation equipment and sensors, and the software functions can be flexibly modified according to specific conditions.


 Performance characteristics of flying laser marking machine:

1. The combination of fully automatic feeding equipment and laser printer has good equipment stability;

2. Adapt to customers' large-scale, continuous production, with high production efficiency;

3. The software can automatically generate the serial number (barcode), which is used to realize the identification, mass production, and easy traceability of product marking, which has a better anti-counterfeiting and anti-sweeping effect;

4. Compared with traditional ink jet coding, it is highly efficient, portable and does not require consumables. Non-toxic, non-polluting and other advantages;

5. It can directly cooperate with the customer's production line operation, if necessary, the assembly line or workbench can also be customized.


Application range of flying laser marking machine:

Applicable materials: suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials, such as packaging cartons, cartons, PET beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and other non-metallic materials


Application industries: electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), fire-fighting supplies, electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision accessories, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, etc., instrumentation, sanitary ware, craft gifts, signs and other industries 



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