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Introduction of MOPA Laser Marking Machine
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Introduction of MOPA Laser Marking Machine

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First of all, explain the proofing effect and scope of application of the machine.

mopa's laser machine is suitable for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials. Such as digital product parts laser engraved black, mobile phone keys, light-transmitting keys, mobile phone shells, key panels, electronic components, oxidation, plastic markings, handicrafts gifts, medical equipment, oxidation treatment and coating electroplating spraying and other surface treatments. Applicable materials include metals (including rare metals), ABS, PVC, PES, nylon, electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, epoxy resin and other materials.

Pay attention to the wording of this fine marking. The fiber optic machine we mentioned before is suitable for marking metal and non-metal hard plastics and does not indicate that it is fine. For example, for example, aluminum oxide and some galvanized metals are difficult to produce black effects with ordinary optical fiber machines, but mopa laser machines can easily produce black effects.

Next, explain from the pulse width and pulse frequency of the machine. 

Here are the parameter concepts of the two machines, pulse width and pulse frequency, let’s briefly explain it first. Pulse width is abbreviated as pulse width, which refers to the duration of a single pulse. Therefore, it is a time measurement unit, including milliseconds (ms), microseconds (us), nanoseconds (ns), picoseconds (ps), femtoseconds ( fs) and other magnitudes. The smaller the magnitude, the shorter the duration of laser action. The pulse frequency is equal to the number of times the pulse repeats in one second. The unit is Hertz (hz).

Mopa's laser machine M1 has a pulse width of 4-200ns, and M6 has a pulse width of 2-200ns. The pulse width of the ordinary laser machine is 118-126ns. It can be seen that the pulse width of the mopa laser machine can be adjusted in a wider range, so it is understood why some products can not produce the effect of ordinary optical fiber, but the mopa laser machine can do arrive. The pulse frequency of the Mopa laser machine is 45Khz, and the ordinary one is 20-80Khz. For ordinary fiber optic machines, the larger the range of pulse frequency adjustment, the more difficult it is to grasp the precision of marking.

I believe we should have a certain understanding of mopa laser machines after comparing and understanding the marking effect, pulse width and frequency. I don’t think it will be mysterious because of multiple English letters. In fact, both devices are determined by lasers. Generally, manufacturers that produce lasers have mopa lasers. It may be that the cost of the whole machine is different because of the different cost of the laser.



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