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Introduction of UV Laser Marking Machine
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Introduction of UV Laser Marking Machine

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uv laser machine

CO2 Laser and Fiber Laser marking machines are the more common marking equipment. In addition, there is also an UV laser marking machine. This is mainly a cold processing equipment, which does not generate heat on the processed surface of the product.The physical deformation of the material is reduced and the heat effect of processing is small, so it is a suitable choice for finely processed products. Therefore, the configuration of the marking machine is also a high-quality configuration, which has higher technical requirements and high precision. The effect is more exquisite than that of CO2 and fiber lasers making.

The Structure of the UV Laser Marking Machine

The structure of the UV laser marking machine is composed of UV laser, galvanometer, lens, industrial computer, control card, workbench casing, electric control device, power supply, red light, pedal, combined operation mirror and other original parts. Its galvanometer and lens are different in thickness and material than other coatings.So they are also more expensive. The main price difference is the difference type of laser source.

The wave light length of uv laser is also different of fiber laser . The wavelength of UV is 355NM, which is short wave, and one of the characteristics of short wave is that it does not produce too much thermal effect on the material. The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1064NM, which belongs to infrared light, which is prone to high temperature. If there is a material that is sensitive to heat, it will feel scorched.

Although the price of the UV laser marking machine is relatively expensive, it has the advantage of being expensive. The UV laser marking machine can achieve the effect that the fiber laser marking machine cannot achieve. The UV marking machine does not require any consumables, "zero maintenance". Similar to new energy vehicles, the low cost of use is also a major feature.



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