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Is Laser Welding Harmful to People?
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Is Laser Welding Harmful to People?

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The invisibility and energy of the laser emitted by the welding machine is too high. Non-professionals should not touch the laser source, otherwise it will be very dangerous. In addition, lasers are also electromagnetic waves, but the wavelengths of lasers used in welding machines are very large, so there is no radiation hazard from short-wavelength light waves such as ultraviolet rays.

Many gases are generated during the welding process, but most of them are inert gases, which are not toxic. However, it depends on the different welding materials. It is best to take protective measures to reduce gas inhalation.

The laser emitted by the welding machine has almost no radiation hazard, but there will be ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation during the welding process. It is best to stay away from the welding part during the welding process. This kind of induced radiation has no shortage of shortwaves, and it has a great impact on the eyes and body. It is best to stay away from the solder joints. Try to take protective measures for close work, such as wearing respiratory protective equipment, wearing radiation protective clothing, and wearing goggles.



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