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Is There Any Difference Between Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine?
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Is There Any Difference Between Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine?

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Laser marking machine introduction

Laser marking machines can be divided into fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, etc. according to their working methods. Laser marking is the standard exposure of particle beam to the volatilization of surface materials, exposing deep chemical substances, or causing physical changes to transform the surface material engraved imprints, or some ignited materials that require etching process patterns and texts to display information based on photodynamic energy. .

Laser engraving machine introduction

Laser engraving machine is an advanced equipment that uses materials that must be engraved by laser laser engraving machines. The laser engraving machine is different from the mechanical equipment CNC engraving machine and other traditional hand engraving methods.

Let's discuss the difference between laser engraving machine and laser marking machine

1. The deep difference between production and processing and packaging and printing

Laser engraving machines generally have a deeper engraving depth and a large output power. The laser output power ranges from 25W to 150W. The depth of the engraving material varies from 0.1mm to 80mm, and the depth of the engraving lies in the actual material. Generally speaking, wooden furniture, sponge, aliphatic resin and other materials have deeper carvings. The laser marking machine generally copies the deep layer below 5mm, and the laser speed is between 10w and 100w.

2. The production and processing rate is different

The engraving rate of laser engraving machine is generally 200mm/s laser cutting rate and 500mm/s engraving rate; the rate of laser marking machine is generally three times that of laser engraving machine. In terms of speed, the laser marking machine is faster than the laser engraving machine. Like the purified water manufacturer, the streamline of 1 slit is about 100 meters.

3. The precision and speed of the laser marking machine far exceed that of the CNC engraving machine.

The laser can use thin light to act on the surface of the material, with a total width of 0.02mm. It shows a wide indoor space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting marks.

4. The difference in laser marking format

The laser marking machine can generally laser mark the format of 200*200mm, and the CNC engraving machine can engrave large formats. The laser marking machine uses a scanning galvanometer scanner, so the overall competition in the work is relatively small. The laser engraving machine is that the spindle bearing of the index-controlled engraving machine is replaced by the laser focusing point lens, and the laser is used to replace the special tools for production and processing. Therefore, if the xyz axis is sufficiently large, there will always be a large format that will be resolved in a large format, but it must be accurate and resolved. Equipment has a great hazard to high efficiency. In addition, because there is no galvanometer, autofocus lens and other loop system software is more suitable for heat pipe heat dissipation, so the output power of the laser is not limited.

5. Different lasers

The loop system software of the laser engraving machine is composed of three reflective surface lenses and one focusing lens that we use. The laser is generally a carbon dioxide glass test tube. The service life of glass test tube laser is generally within 2000-10000 hours. The carbon dioxide glass cuvette laser is disposable. The laser of laser marking machine is generally metal hose laser (non-metal laser laser engraving machine) and YAG solid laser (metal material laser marking machine), and the service life is generally about 5 years. The metal hose of the laser marking machine can be pumped up again.

6. Differential engraving and laser marking materials

There are many kinds of engraving materials for laser engraving machine: laminated glass, amethyst, acrylic sheet, wood, natural marble, fabric, leather products, felt, paper, PVC, plastic, Masek and other non-metallic materials can be engraved or laser cut. The laser marking machine manufacturing industry is suitable for fabrics, leather products, wooden furniture, porcelain or metal manufacturing.



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