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Jeans Leather Glass Bamboo Paper Non-metal 3D CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Co2 it principle is that it uses a gas laser source with 10.64μm infrared wavelength, the active laser medium is a gas discharge which is air- or water-cooled, depending on the power being applied. It let the gas molecules release the laser and form the laser beam to process the nonmetal materials by magnifying the laser. The laser makes the processed material surface sissified and form a marking engraving effect.

Product Description

HANTEN CNC's CO2 laser marking machine graphics can be randomly designed by the computer, with fast speed, high precision, fine and beautiful engraving lines, which can more quickly engrave the patterns you want to display and customize, and all of them can be customized at will, which is convenient , And can meet the requirements of more users.


Portable co2 laser marking machine features:

A) with high-speed marking, could fulfill the bulk and production line marking needs.

B) With high power configuration, besides marking, also could engrave and cut on nonmetal materials.

C) Could mark the larger object with big sizes.

D) Longer lifespan, although fiber laser marking machine is very long could be 100,000 hours, the RF co2 laser marking machine’s lifetime is even longer, can be 200,000 – 300,000 hours

Product Parameter

Description Parameter
Output Power 10W/20W/30W(Option)
Wavelength 10.6µm
Repeat accuracy ±0.003mm
Match Marking Scope 70x70mm ,150x150mm ,200x200mm, 300x300mm(option) 
Marking Depth Max. 0.3-1mm(depending on material)
Linear speed ≤7000mm/s
Min. line width 0.015mm
Min. character size 0.2mm
Electrical source 220V/50Hz/10A(customize)
Cooling requirement Air cooling




Samples Display

co2 laser marking machine for wood marking


co2 laser marking machine for leather marking


co2 laser marking machine for paper cutting


Our Service


*HantenCNC provides free pre-sale consultation and free sample marking and testing services.

* Provide users with any type of technical support.

*HantenCNC provides advanced solution design for all distributors and users.


*HantenCNC provides 1 years warranty for whole machine(People damaged are charged).

* HantenCNC provides full technical support by e-mail, call and video.

*HantenCNC provides life long maintenance and spare parts.

* Free design of fixtures as customers required.

* You will gain free training installation and operation for the staffs.



What are the consumables of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine?

Mainly electricity, basically no other consumables. This is also an advantage that distinguishes the inkjet printer.

Are your machine can increase the production?

yes of course, more details you can contact us directly.

How long can customized products be shipped? 

Our standard laser marking machine can be shipped within 3-5 days, if you have special customization requirements, you can send us an inquiry, we will reply as soon as possible, and give you a small gift.

How long is the working life of the machine?

The theoretical working life of the laser source is 20,000 hours, which depends on the environment in which it is used.







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